Most Common Spring Wire Materials and their Unique Characteristics

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When choosing springs for particular application, one or the important things to consider is the kind of spring wire or material that will be used to manufacture them. The type of wire used to make springs matters because it will affect the way the springs perform in your specific application due to its characteristics. Some of the characteristics you should consider when selecting spring wire material include strength, corrosion resistance and water resistance. The following are the most common spring wire materials and their unique characteristics.

Stainless steel – This wire is resistant to corrosion and has a low stress relaxation. It has good strength at moderate temperatures and is resistant to heat. However, this spring wire material cannot perform well in subzero applications. Stainless steel spring wire is commonly used to make extension springs. However, other kinds of spring wire are also used to make extension springs. Extension springs offer resistance to pulling and absorb energy. These springs stretch as a load is applied to them. Extension springs are used in trampolines, carburetors and farm machinery.

Understanding the wire spring wire materials available will enable you to choose a suitable spring material that can provide the best performance for the particular application you have in mind. The spring experts at Nevatia Steel and Alloys can assist you to choose the right spring wire material. They can advise you about the spring wire material that has the best characteristics depending on your project. Nevatia Steel is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel wires. Our wires range from 0.08 mm to 12.0 mm in diameter. They come in different grades for various applications.

Facts and tips about TIG welding for every welder

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A TIG welding rod can perform a number of great tasks. TIG welding is one of the most popular methods of welding metals and alloys and it finds its applications in multiple industries. This article will throw light on some facts about TIG welding so you can get more knowledge about the same:

TIG welding is used for 4 different joints

TIG welding can be used to produce a number of different joints but the most common joints are 4. The first one is the butt joint, where two metal pieces are joined horizontally. The second one is the T-joint. In this joint, a piece is connected perpendicularly with the other. The third joint is called the lap joint, where one metal piece overlaps another. The last one is known as the Fillet joint. Here, a metal is placed perpendicular to another and then joined.

The difference between T-joint and fillet joint is of the placement of workspaces. In the T-joint, the perpendicular metal piece would be in the middle of the other one. In fillet joint, you would place the perpendicular metal piece on one edge of the other one. This is the major difference between the two kinds of joints.

It utilizes Argon and Helium

For doing a TIG weld, one can use a number of different shielding gases. You can use Argon, Helium or a combination of the two. If you want to weld aluminum or mild steel, then you would want to use Argon as it is the best option for welding metals.

On the other hand, if you require more weld penetration or speed, you would want to use Helium. It offers higher heat input, which is perfect for these applications. Apart from that, you would want to use the Argon-Helium mixture for aluminum alloys.

It is slow but precise

TIG welding is quite precise. Unlike MIG welding, it takes a sufficient amount of time and dexterity but it also offers a lot of precision and thus, it is a much better option for delicate joints. As it offers higher precision, the welder can use it for intricate tasks, which is a major advantage. Your TIG wire should also be of high-quality if you want it to offer a precise weld as well.

That’s why welders often buy TIG welding stainless steel wires to ensure they don’t have to compromise with the quality of the weld. Apart from that, because of its high precision and control, you can use it with thin materials as well. The same cannot be said about MIG welding which is also quite popular in the market. You would primarily want to purchase the TIG welding wire from a reputed manufacturer to ensure you don’t face any difficulties later on.


You must have discovered the various advantages of using TIG welding in industrial application. Still, a good weld can only be done if the right quality material and tools are used

Future key analysis and industry trends of stainless steel wire

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It is important for one to keep checking how the industry is performing and how it might behave in the future. We have analyzed the market and in the following article you will discover the latest trends of the same:

Demand for stainless steel wire
Latest trends clearly denote that the demand for stainless steel wire and other products of stainless steel is increasing significantly. That is so because stainless steel is becoming quite popular in the market. Its high durability has made it the first choice for numerous manufacturers of steel products. For example, the demand for stainless steel wire has risen to new heights in the past few years.

The high durability makes sure that the products using stainless steel products last longer. The consumers do not face many difficulties when they use such products too. It makes sure that the customer experience remains amazing as the product functions perfectly for a good duration. Such performance is not possible with the weaker varieties of steel and so, the market will see a steep rise in the demand for stainless steel products.

Growth prospects
There are strong indicators that the market will perform better in the coming years. The past few years have seen a good increase in production. Moreover, there has been a good balance between the supply and demand. Therefore, one can easily say that there are attractive growth prospects in the market. With the increase in the number of companies, the demand for strong and high-strength steel products is also increasing.

Thus, with such growth prospects and an increase in demand, the industry will also attract more investments. Still, steel companies will have to focus more on the production of stainless steel products. As stated before, such products are becoming the first choice for many manufacturers. With stainless steel, one does not need to worry about rust and this helps significantly in ensuring that the product remains in the best shape for a long period. The level of competition is also increasing with new companies arriving in the market and so everyone wants to offer the best solutions to one’s customers.

Addition of technology
Technology is also influencing the steel industry to a large extent. Various innovations in the field of robotics are making the manufacturing process easier. Moreover, with the development of E-commerce, the demand for products is going global. The industry has become much fast-paced because manufacturers have begun selling to a global audience.
Other developments are also influencing the development of the steel industry. Still, the past few years have felt the impact of e-commerce significantly. It might stay like this for some time as well.

The above points should have removed your doubts in this regard. You might have noticed that there has been great emphasis on stainless steel. Well, it goes to show that the market is favoring such products considerably and it would be smart to focus on them right now.

Attributes To Look into a Stainless Steel Wire Supplier

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It is not that easy to find stainless steel welding wire that is hardwearing and first rate. In order to find such wire, you need to search for a reliable supplier of stainless steel wire. A good supplier of stainless steel wire can provide you with resilient wire. The following are the qualities to look for in a company that supplies this wire.

A wide range of choices
It is vital to select a supplier that offers different kinds of stainless steel wire. An extensive catalogue will provide you with the opportunity to select the ss wire that meets your needs. If you choose to buy welding wire from a supplier with limited options, you may fail to get what you need or end up choosing wire that cannot meet your needs. Therefore, choose a supplier that has a wide variety of welding wires to select from.

A good track record
Most suppliers of welding wire have been in business for several years. Nonetheless, it is imperative to research more about their reputation and track record. Find out if the clients of these suppliers can recommend them. If the former clients of a particular company have posted positive reviews about it, then you can rest assured that you will have a positive experience when you buy welding wire from that supplier. If you want to buy stainless steel wire from a newly established firm, make sure that you assess its products and team.

Availability of high quality products
Finding high quality welding wire is vital. Make sure that you select a supplier that provides premium quality products. This way, you can rest assured that the wire you buy will offer high quality welds at all times. Ideally, buy products from a supplier that has a well recognized quality management system. An example is ISO 9001 certification, which confirms that an organization has a commitment to achieve customer satisfaction. This certification is an also indication that a company has systems in place to record, capture and meet the requirements of clients.

Quick delivery of products
Fast delivery of orders is convenient for any business owner. It is advisable to compare the delivery times of different stainless steel wire suppliers to find one that can deliver products fast enough. Fast delivery of products is vital, particularly when you have a deadline to beat and you want to deliver the welded products ahead of time.

As you choose a supplier of stainless steel wire, avoid settling for the company that claims to be the best. Carry out your own research and select the best company you find. If you are looking for a good stainless steel supplier, you can contact Nevatia Steel & Alloys Ltd. Feel free to research more about our firm and you will see that we have all the good attributes of a good stainless steel wire supplier.

Nevatia Steel manufactures and supplies stainless steel wire and other products, including but not limited to spring wire, chq wire, epq wire and redraw wire. Our firm has received several certifications, including ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and T/S 16949. At Nevatia Steel, we ensure that our wires comply with international quality standards. Our company can supply you with the stainless steel welding wire you need.

Nevinox For all Your Robotic & Automatic Welding Operation Needs

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Robotic and automatic welding options are not just for large manufacturers. Smaller welding shops are taking advantage of the quality, cost saving and productivity that a robotic system offers. Welding automation offers a number of benefits for firms of any size. They include weld consistency, improved productivity and lower cost for materials, labor and production.

When implemented in the right manner, robotic welding system can assist your firm to gain a competitive advantage over the firms that have not yet begun to use this technology. Robotic welding systems also reduce waste. For instance, a robot can use the same amount of weld metal at every pass with minimal supervision. This eliminates the problem of over welding and the related filler metal cost and waste.

The commonest kinds of robotic welding are tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG). There is a difference between these types of welding. The type you select will be consequential to the productivity and throughput of your application.

MIG welding is commonly used for thick, large weldments. It produces welds of high quality in a shorter time than TIG welding. MIG processes have a good weld bead look, low spatter and can be utilized in many applications. However, MIG welding may be high maintenance when compared to TIG welding and is only suitable for applications that have larger parts.

TIG welding is commonly utilized for smaller parts where precision is needed. It is slower compared to MIG welding, but maintenance and cleanup is easier. TIG welding offers versatility. It is possible to use for many different welding applications.

In order to achieve good welds when performing MIG welding, you need to use high quality MIG wire. You can get such wire from a reputable MIG welding wire manufacturer such as Nevatia Steel & Alloys Limited. This firm manufactures stainless steel wires with diameters ranging from 0.08 mm to 12.00 mm. Our wires come in several grades and may be used for various applications.

Our MIG wire can be used in fully automatic, semi automatic robotic and gas metal arc welding. Our wires are approved by the DB, TUV, CE and BV Marks. They are also precision layer wounded with the right helix and cast. The surfaces of these wires are cleaned specially to ensure that the welding process is hassle free.

Nevatia Steel & Alloys Limited is one of the leading MIG welding wire manufacturers in India. Our wires comply with international quality standards. They also meet client specifications. We export our MIG wires to a number of countries across the globe such as the United States, Europe, UK, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Middle East, Philippines, Russia, Ukrain among others. There is a high demand of stainless steel wires since many industries are using it. At Nevatia Steel, we continue upgrading the technologies we use to manufacture stainless steel wires so that we continue offering our customers high quality products.

We sell our MIG wires under the Nevinox brand. They are premium products and are available at a reasonable price. These wires can meet all your robotic and automatic welding needs.

Get Fine Wire With Custom Specification According to Industry Standards

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The qualities of stainless steel make it a suitable material for many commercial and industrial applications. One of the characteristics that make stainless steel wire popular is that it is corrosion resistant and does not rust. This is particularly important when stainless steel is used for underground or outdoor systems. The stainless steel wire we produce at Nevatia Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd has appealing qualities such as flexibility, toughness, durability, chemical inertness, weather resistance and heat resistance. It is also non flammable and has exceptional dielectric properties.
Our fine wire can be used for both high and low temperature settings. This wire is suitable for knitting, weaving and braiding applications. It can be used in the automotive, mesh manufacturing, filter and printing industries.
There are several variations in stainless steel wire. These variations possess unique properties that augment the performance of the material in specific operating and environmental conditions. The popular grades of stainless steel, which are easy to find and commonly used in woven wire mesh are type 304, type 304L, type 316, type 316L and type 403.
Some wires are solid and come in a single strand while others are braided. In order to determine which wire is most suitable for a particular application, you need to know what makes the different types of stainless steel wire unique. For example, braided wire is mostly utilized in applications where flexibility is needed. It is possible to form it into a tube shape or flat shape, contingent upon the way you want to utilize it. Braided wire is used to make coaxial cables and as grounding straps among other things. The braid wire which is rounded is usually used for audio to ensure that the sound is clear.
The diameter of stainless steel wire for braiding ranges from 0.12mm to 1.20 mm and has a uniform and bright surface. The diameter of fine wires for knitting ranges from 0.12 mm up to 0.80 mm. They have a uniform and bright surface. Our stainless steel wire for weaving is developed specifically to meet the needs of the weaving industry. We supply the wires on spools in the lengths required for warp wire depending on the preferences of customers. We pay close attention to the surface finish.

One of the main benefits of braided wire is that unlike solid wire, it does not break easily. This wire also bends around corners more easily than solid wire. These characteristics make it the most appropriate choice for use in electrical work, especially in tight spaces such as homes and electronics. Braided stainless steel wire also has built-in insulation that makes it highly resistant to corrosion and interference.
At Nevatia Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd, we custom manufacture wire based on industry standards or the specific requirements of a customer. Our plants are equipped with modern and comprehensive manufacturing technologies. The plants are situated in Tarapur, which is a large industrial township. This township is located near the port of Mumbai. We manufacture all our steel wires in compliance with international quality standards. Over the years, we have exported our products to many countries around the world. We can meet your needs for stainless steel wire.

Know significant uses of spring wire in various application

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Numerous products are present in the market. However, each of them needs some sort of raw material for creation. The lack of any raw material clearly leads to a number of problems. Spring wire is one of those products that fall into the category of raw materials. It plays important roles in many sectors. If you want to find out more use of this product then this article will help you in the same:

In automobile:

Cars use spring wire extensively. They require this product in a number of areas. It is important for them because as the name suggests, this product is flexible. Its unique properties play a major role in its selection for the automobile sector. The engine of many cars has numerous components made of this substance. If you are thinking of entering the field of automobile, then you should know this fact. That is so because you may make a silly mistake of choosing some other kind of wire, which will cause distress later on. Apart from the engine, the suspension of cars also relies on this product. You can now clearly understand the importance spring’s wire in this field. Moreover, hundreds or thousands of cars are produced every day. They all require this product as a raw material.

In aircraft:

Aircraft require this material in their landing gear. As stated earlier, this material is quite flexible in comparison to other materials. Therefore, aircraft also make use of this product. When an aircraft lands, it exerts a large amount of force on its wheels. Without a strong, durable and flexible material, the landing gear will break which will obviously result in an accident. Landing gear uses springs extensively and that is a big reason as to why this material is popular in this field. It does not matter whether the plane is for commercial use or personal use. Military planes are also the users of this material. You should not be confused regarding the size of the planes and the use of this material. Both small and big planes require this material as every one of them has landing gear.

To create springs:

The most common use of this material is for creating springs. Springs are one of the most impactful inventions of the mankind. They are present in many sectors as they are used in almost every piece of machinery. Motors make use of springs, which are necessary for all kinds of houses and electrical machines. Toys also use springs because of their incredible property of elasticity.

In clocks:

Clocks need springs for their inner mechanisms. Their working gear relies heavily on springs. Springs cause the hands of the clocks to move properly.


You can now clear all your doubts regarding springs and wire. It is also sure that you have gained a new insight on such a topic. If you take interest in steel and its products then you can read more of our articles as we discuss the same.

Nevatia Steel – Manufacturers & Exporters of Nevinox SS Welding Wire

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Industries related to the manufacturing of metallic products have been present for a long time. They were always valuable because they provide pure products with advanced research and implementations. Civilizations thrived on these industries and the industrialists operating them. High quality metal products are in demand everywhere. You require them in any kind of appliance or device. You also require them in large fields such as architecture and automobile.

Only quality:
Wires should be of pristine quality only. They should be able to withstand different kinds of hardships. Without good quality wires, a product cannot last long. It will deteriorate at a faster rate and that is not beneficial for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Bad quality products tend to ruin the goodwill of the producers very much. People begin avoiding such product manufacturers and that is why, it is important to use a good stainless steel wire only.

Otherwise, it would lead to a number of difficulties. Well, with us, you can expect nothing less than perfection. Our wires are amazingly durable and that is so because we keep their quality above par. Durability is one of the biggest highlights of our products. Advanced products require durable wires in order to last longer. We understand that fact and that is why, we focus on providing such wires only.

Versatile usage:
Steel wires are used in numerous ways. You can see them in use almost everywhere without putting much effort. That is so because; the business to consumer industry has expanded significantly. From big ships to architecture, steel wires are present everywhere. It was necessary to provide a high-end solution to this field. Low or bad quality wires can have a significantly adverse effect on the product or material.

Electronic devices require good steel wires only. We understand this fact and so we give stainless wires. The advantage of stainless wires over the normal ones is of performance delivery. You will not face any kind of issues with such wires because they require more effort in creation. Products employing stainless wires are more durable, powerful and lasting. It has a higher cost but it does not mean that it is a wasteful expense.

Welding is a delicate process:

Welding wires need to be of better quality in comparison to other products. They face astonishingly high temperatures and they have to last for a considerable time as well. It is important for a welding wire to be of exceptional quality otherwise, it can break or fail suddenly, causing a great level of difficulty to user.

Accidents can take place with low quality wires. Welding takes time too and the wire faces constant heat for a good amount of time fiercely.

With us, you will not face any kind of disappointment. That is so because we combine experience with innovation perfectly. Nevatia has been one of the prominent SS wire manufacturers and it makes sure that its customers get the best products only.

MIG Welding Wire – Excellent For Welding Process

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For long, welding industry has been using traditional methods of stick welding but the process was far more time consuming and skillful. MIG Welding approach has tremendously revolutionized the traditional approach to welding. MIG or Metal Inert Gas Welding aka Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) was developed with an intention to streamline production by the fabrication industry. This new method of welding uses a wire roll as a welding electrode. The wire rarely needs to be refilled and feeds continuously creating the welding beads. In this manner, the solid wire electrode serves as a continuous source of filler metal.

Following features make MIG wires better over the traditionally used fillers:

  • MIG wires are generally plated with copper to ensure zero oxidation making them ideal for the welding process.
  • These wires have high electrical conductivity and help in enhancing the life of the contact tip in welding.
  • MIG wires produce a clean weld bead appearance without any spatter.
  • These wires reduce the chances of burn through and provide deep penetration through the root.
  • MIG wires are best to apply onto thinner applications.

Selecting an appropriate, quality MIG wire is crucial to ensure a sound weld even when the conditions are not perfect. For example, consider the scenario of welding a plate with contaminants on the surface. Choosing the right MIG wire from reliable MIG wire manufacturers for the purpose will make certain pre-welding operations obsolete. A quality MIG wire ensures accuracy in placement and produces a consistent weld leading to less rework. Although you may buy a quality MIG wire from leading MIG welding wire manufacturers, you must consider following aspects while selecting your wire:

  • Commonly used MIG wires include ER70S-3 and ER70S-6. These wires serve the welding requirements for minimum tensile strength. First one is used to weld clean, rust-free, oil-free material while the second one ensures clean welding on even scaly and contaminant prone surface. While selecting a wire, never go by one size fits all approach. Choose your wire depending on application and quality requirements.
  • Ensure that your MIG wire has consistent wire diameter so that current properly passes from the contact tip throughput the wire. Undersized wires may cause arcing resulting in erosion of the I.D. of the tip thereby fusing the tip to the wire. Oversized wires, on the contrary, cause extreme feeding force, wire slippage, tip blockage, and downtime.
  • Ensure that your wire has the constant chemical composition to ensure stable quality control.

MIG welding wires are excellent for literally any welding process. Whether you have to weld fabricated structures or automotive parts, use them for sheet metal applications or metal buildings, MIG wires perform excellently in every scenario. Their major advantage is that MIG wires require less cleanup even in case of multiple pass operations. Additionally, they require lower levels of operator skills. You can even use two MIG wires simultaneously for Tandem MIG process. On the basis of the equipment to be welded and procedure to be followed, a MIG wire provides the potential for all-position welding procedures ensuring less fixturing. Its lower heat input requirement, high electrode efficiency, and better placement make the MIG wire ideal for any welding operation.

Stainless Steel Welding Wires Most Economical and Innovative Solutions for all Welding Requirements

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Welding has a number of variables in terms of matching materials and methods. It is important to choose a welding process properly. This will save you time in repairs, production, grinding and polishing. You will also avoid having many rejected welds.

The objective of welding is to produce a quality weld within the shortest amount of time. The quality of welding is determined by the success one achieves in creating a weld, which penetrates sufficiently. The weld should not have pores, gaps or pockets. Another aspect that determines the welding quality is a good surface finish.

No welding process is suitable for every welding situation. Therefore, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of each welding process. The welding processes that are commonly used to fabricate metals are flux cored welding, gas metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding. In order to determine the welding process that is most suitable for the task you want to complete, you need to consider time requirements, the kind of material being welded, the welding position, the thickness of the material and the welding power source.

TIG welding usually produces high-quality welds. It can be used to weld many different kinds of materials. Therefore, it is one of the most widely utilized procedures for cosmetic and precision work. Stainless steel welding wires are the most innovative and economical solutions for TIG welding. They are also widely used for other kinds of welding.

Nevatia Steel & Alloys Ltd. manufactures stainless steel welding wires under the brand nevinox. Their diameter ranges from 0.60 mm to 5.00 mm. nevinox wires come in various grades and can be used for a number of applications. Nevinox range of welding consumables consist of TIG, MIG, Core, and Sub-arc wires.

Nevinox TIG welding wire is used for welding purposes in the chemical industry, fabrication, automotive, industrial food processing equipment, oil & gas, shipbuilding and railway industries among others. Our welding wires are approved by several reputable brands in this industry. Our TIG wires are utilized in Gas tungsten arc welding. The TIG wire surface is cleaned, especially to ensure hassle-free welding. Embossing or marking is performed on every rod.

Nevinox MIG wires are utilized in gas metal arc welding. They can be utilized in semi-automatic, fully automatic, manual welding and robotic welding. These wires are precision layer wounded with the proper cast and helix. The surface of the wires is specially cleaned to ensure hassle-free welding.

Our core wires are utilized in manufacturing electrodes. Wire ovality and diameter are maintained depending on the specifications of the customer. They range in size from 1.60 mm to 5.00 mm. We supply them either in cut-length or in coil form as per the needs of our clients.

At Nevatia Steel & Alloys, we manufacture steel wires in compliance with international quality standards. Our steel wires also meet the specification of clients. We export stainless steel welding wire to several countries, including Australia, Turkey, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Finland, France, Poland, Spain, Italy. Many more industries all over the world are using stainless steel, leading to increased demand. We continue to upgrade our manufacturing technologies in order to continue providing our clients with premium products.