MIG Welding Wire – Excellent For Welding Process

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For long, welding industry has been using traditional methods of stick welding but the process was far more time consuming and skillful. MIG Welding approach has tremendously revolutionized the traditional approach to welding. MIG or Metal Inert Gas Welding aka Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) was developed with an intention to streamline production by the fabrication industry. This new method of welding uses a wire roll as a welding electrode. The wire rarely needs to be refilled and feeds continuously creating the welding beads. In this manner, the solid wire electrode serves as a continuous source of filler metal.

Following features make MIG wires better over the traditionally used fillers:

  • MIG wires are generally plated with copper to ensure zero oxidation making them ideal for the welding process.
  • These wires have high electrical conductivity and help in enhancing the life of the contact tip in welding.
  • MIG wires produce a clean weld bead appearance without any spatter.
  • These wires reduce the chances of burn through and provide deep penetration through the root.
  • MIG wires are best to apply onto thinner applications.

Selecting an appropriate, quality MIG wire is crucial to ensure a sound weld even when the conditions are not perfect. For example, consider the scenario of welding a plate with contaminants on the surface. Choosing the right MIG wire from reliable MIG wire manufacturers for the purpose will make certain pre-welding operations obsolete. A quality MIG wire ensures accuracy in placement and produces a consistent weld leading to less rework. Although you may buy a quality MIG wire from leading MIG welding wire manufacturers, you must consider following aspects while selecting your wire:

  • Commonly used MIG wires include ER70S-3 and ER70S-6. These wires serve the welding requirements for minimum tensile strength. First one is used to weld clean, rust-free, oil-free material while the second one ensures clean welding on even scaly and contaminant prone surface. While selecting a wire, never go by one size fits all approach. Choose your wire depending on application and quality requirements.
  • Ensure that your MIG wire has consistent wire diameter so that current properly passes from the contact tip throughput the wire. Undersized wires may cause arcing resulting in erosion of the I.D. of the tip thereby fusing the tip to the wire. Oversized wires, on the contrary, cause extreme feeding force, wire slippage, tip blockage, and downtime.
  • Ensure that your wire has the constant chemical composition to ensure stable quality control.

MIG welding wires are excellent for literally any welding process. Whether you have to weld fabricated structures or automotive parts, use them for sheet metal applications or metal buildings, MIG wires perform excellently in every scenario. Their major advantage is that MIG wires require less cleanup even in case of multiple pass operations. Additionally, they require lower levels of operator skills. You can even use two MIG wires simultaneously for Tandem MIG process. On the basis of the equipment to be welded and procedure to be followed, a MIG wire provides the potential for all-position welding procedures ensuring less fixturing. Its lower heat input requirement, high electrode efficiency, and better placement make the MIG wire ideal for any welding operation.

Stainless Steel Welding Wires Most Economical and Innovative Solutions for all Welding Requirements

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Welding has a number of variables in terms of matching materials and methods. It is important to choose a welding process properly. This will save you time in repairs, production, grinding and polishing. You will also avoid having many rejected welds.

The objective of welding is to produce a quality weld within the shortest amount of time. The quality of welding is determined by the success one achieves in creating a weld, which penetrates sufficiently. The weld should not have pores, gaps or pockets. Another aspect that determines the welding quality is a good surface finish.

No welding process is suitable for every welding situation. Therefore, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of each welding process. The welding processes that are commonly used to fabricate metals are flux cored welding, gas metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding. In order to determine the welding process that is most suitable for the task you want to complete, you need to consider time requirements, the kind of material being welded, the welding position, the thickness of the material and the welding power source.

TIG welding usually produces high-quality welds. It can be used to weld many different kinds of materials. Therefore, it is one of the most widely utilized procedures for cosmetic and precision work. Stainless steel welding wires are the most innovative and economical solutions for TIG welding. They are also widely used for other kinds of welding.

Nevatia Steel & Alloys Ltd. manufactures stainless steel welding wires under the brand nevinox. Their diameter ranges from 0.60 mm to 5.00 mm. nevinox wires come in various grades and can be used for a number of applications. Nevinox range of welding consumables consist of TIG, MIG, Core, and Sub-arc wires.

Nevinox TIG welding wire is used for welding purposes in the chemical industry, fabrication, automotive, industrial food processing equipment, oil & gas, shipbuilding and railway industries among others. Our welding wires are approved by several reputable brands in this industry. Our TIG wires are utilized in Gas tungsten arc welding. The TIG wire surface is cleaned, especially to ensure hassle-free welding. Embossing or marking is performed on every rod.

Nevinox MIG wires are utilized in gas metal arc welding. They can be utilized in semi-automatic, fully automatic, manual welding and robotic welding. These wires are precision layer wounded with the proper cast and helix. The surface of the wires is specially cleaned to ensure hassle-free welding.

Our core wires are utilized in manufacturing electrodes. Wire ovality and diameter are maintained depending on the specifications of the customer. They range in size from 1.60 mm to 5.00 mm. We supply them either in cut-length or in coil form as per the needs of our clients.

At Nevatia Steel & Alloys, we manufacture steel wires in compliance with international quality standards. Our steel wires also meet the specification of clients. We export stainless steel welding wire to several countries, including Australia, Turkey, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Finland, France, Poland, Spain, Italy. Many more industries all over the world are using stainless steel, leading to increased demand. We continue to upgrade our manufacturing technologies in order to continue providing our clients with premium products.

Nevatia Steel – A Leading Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Wires

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Stainless steel has properties that make it a suitable material for many commercial and industrial applications. It is an alloy of iron that contains at least 10.50 percent chromium. The chromium provides a thin layer of oxide on its surface, which helps to prevent corrosion. This metal is sturdy and durable, which makes it a popular choice for various applications, including cable and wire.

The characteristics, which make stainless steel wire a suitable choice is that it is rust and corrosion resistant. This is particularly advantageous when the wire is being utilized in underground or outdoor systems where it can come into contact with grime, dirt, chemicals and moisture.

The stainless steel wires that Nevatia Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. manufactures have a number of appealing characteristics. These characteristics include durability, good tensile strength, excellent dielectric properties, chemical inertness, weather resistance, heat resistance, nonflammable, low coefficient of friction, flexibility and toughness. Nevatia Steel & Alloys is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel wires India.

We provide many kinds of stainless steel wires that can be used for both high and low temperature settings. We manufacture our wires in compliance with international quality standards and with the specifications of our customers. We make the wires in different grades and they range in size from 0.08 millimeters to 12.00 millimeters in diameter. These wires can be used to make screws, springs, sieves, nails, kitchenware, fasteners and wire mesh. They can also be used to make trolleys, baskets, welding wire and electrodes among other products.

Our stainless steel wires are used in a diverse manner in the marine, agricultural, petrochemical, paper, food and automotive industries in India and other countries. We have exported these products to many countries over the years. Some of the major destination countries for our products include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, U.S.A. and U.K.

As one of the established stainless steel wire manufacturers, we are committed to conducting all our operations in a way that is protective of the environment and prioritizes on the safety as well as the health of employees, the community and stakeholders. We comply with all the applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. We have also put measures in place in our manufacturing plants to prevent work related accidents. At Nevatia Steel & Alloys, we also enhance awareness about safety, health and the environment among stakeholders through training and communication.

We also maintain excellent and professional after sales support. This enables us to provide our clients with high quality services. We have set ambitious targets for the future and we are achieving them with the infusion of quality management and infusion of new technology. At Nevatia Steel & Alloys, we have a commitment to build long term and strong relationships with our customers through effective engineering support and timeless development of products.

We know that our management team empowers us to lead the industry. Our team of technical and non-technical personnel is diligent and evaluates all aspects of the production system and overall operations to make sure that precision products are manufactured. Our team plays an essential role in providing high quality products and services to the customers.