Cold Heading

Wire suitable for Fastener and Cold Heading applications such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, nails, etc. Nevatia Steel’s Wire for Cold Heading Quality is made by choosing selected quality wire rods and special heat treatment process. This enables the production of wire of desired surface and micro-structure necessary for superior products in spite of several stringent conditions.

Characteristics of Cold Heading Quality Wire

  • Uniform coated surface
  • Strict control of chemical composition


AISI 304 /(L), 316 /(L), 302HQ (XM-7), 304HC, 430, 434, 410, etc.


Diameter (mm)Grade (AISI)ToleranceTensile (N/mm²)Packing
0.80 - 2.00304 /(L), 316 /(L)DIN h9600 - 750Coils/ Pay-pack Drums
2.01 & above550 - 700Coils/ Pattern laid coils
0.80 - 2.00302HQ, 304HCDIN h9500 - 650Coils/ Pay-pack Drums
2.01 & above450 - 630Coils/ Pattern laid coils
0.80 - 2.00410, 430, 434DIN h9500 - 700Coils/ Pay-pack Drums
2.01 & above450 - 600Coils/ Pattern laid coils
Please check with us for specifications not listed above