Vineyard Wire

Wire used in Vineyard for holding grapes. Traditionally galvanized wire was used for this application. However, due to monsoon and different fertilizers used in the orchards and fields, galvanized wire would develop rust very quickly. Nevatia Steel’s Grapewire® in Stainless Steel doesn’t rust and become a safe replacement for galvanized wire in terms of both quality and long-term cost.

Characteristics of GRAPEWIRE® for Vineyards

  • Grapewire® has brilliant mirror bright surface.
  • Grapewire® are superior in comparison with galvanized wire due to heavy breaking load capacity.
  • Wire are provided with ¼ hard or ½ hard temper, cold drawn finish.
  • Grapewire® can be packed with fixed weight of 25 kgs. or on spools as required


AISI 304, 304L, 201, 204Cu etc.


Diameter (mm)GradeToleranceTensile (N/mm²)Packaging
1.00AISI 304, 304L, 201, 204Cu+/- 0.0101450 - 155025 kg coils /
SD 300 Spool
(15 kg)
1.20 - 2.00+/- 0.0151350 - 1450
2.60 - 3.00+/- 0.020750 - 850
0.80+/- 0.010750 Max